Killarney still calls to Dolores in the City of the Tribes

While the Lyne youngsters were naturally proud of the achievements of their father, Jackie, as a Kerry footballer, Dolores felt that his fame was a two-edged sword because it made them more conspicuous if they did anything wrong.

“Is that one of Jackie Lyne’s young ones hanging around the Market Cross?” she could imagine people remark.

Dolores and her siblings were into sport, crafts and the outdoors.

“We spent more time out than in the house,” she said. “We knew it was really summer when the Cranitches arrived from England.”

National Park is a national scandal with woodland booze dumping

The bear may not dump in the woods but, evidently, some boozing adolescent humans aren’t shy of doing it in Killarney. One of the issues plaguing the townside section of the National Park, locally called the Demesne, is teen booze partying. Go for a walk by the River Deenagh any balmy evening and you will hear voices floating from groves of trees in the open field lying between the river and Ross Road.

Outdoor drinking has long become a rite of passage for some teenagers, but treating the National Park like a trash can to dump their empties is unacceptable.  Widespread littering of Park woodland is continuing without any attempt being made to address the issue.

Last Sunday morning, a group of about 30 volunteers from Shore Clean-up Killarney gathered 65 bags of bottles, cans and assorted rubbish from groves of trees in the riverside field between 9am and 11am. The amount of broken glass around ‘The Big Tree’ or ‘The Drinking Tree’ was scandalous. Ironically, the tree is a native Sessile Oak and Ireland’s National Tree.