Email error spurs Katie to publish children’s book

An email sent to a wrong address turned into a positive twist of fate for author and illustrator Katie O’Donoghue on the road to publication of her new children’s book, ‘The Little Squirrel Who Worried’.

Katie, a child and young people’s therapist, was hugely influenced by her love of Killarney National Park when she began to write and illustrate her book which is designed to help children cope with their inner worries and anxieties.

Having finished the book while living in London last autumn, she immediately emailed a copy to her father, Brian O’Donoghue, at home in Beaufort at 11.30pm. Or so she thought. At 6.30am the following day, she received an email from a totally different Brian O’Donoghue in Illinois.

Bees relish ‘outdoor dining’ on pollinator friendly plants

Flowerbeds in Killarney are decked out this summer with a generous measure of pollinator-friendly flowers and shrubs designed to provide ‘outdoor dining’ for bees and other insects as well as enhancing the appearance of the town.

The addition of the species vital for the survival of a range of insects and the overall health of the environment is part of the ongoing implementation of changes in support of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

“One such change is the movement towards pollinator friendly planting in our roundabouts, planters and planted areas throughout the town,” Council official Eileen O’Donoghue said. “These include the planting of nepeta or catmint, lavender, perennial geraniums, yarrow, aliums, cornflower and tickseed. These provide food for the bees along with some amazing colours.”