ICMSA taking optimistic view on beef prices

The outlook for beef farmers appears to be reasonably optimistic, Chairman of the ICMSA Livestock Committee Michael O’Connell commented last week after a perusal of the quotes being made for stock.

With steer quotations ranging in the 5.20 to 5.25 cents per kilogram for steers and up to 5.30 for heifers, there has been a lift in returns for farmers. However, it should also be recognised that these figures remain well below what the going rates are in the UK and where an equivalent R3 steer has been fetching as much as 56 cents a kilo ahead of what they were achieving in Ireland at that point.

“As the UK is our biggest customer, with 47% of our processed beef being exported there in 2023, the margin being made on Irish beef in the UK by someone along the supply chain is very substantial and is at the expense of hard-pressed Irish beef producers,” he observed.

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IFA hosting webinar on Quad Safety

As part of the desire to improve safety on farms, the IFA has developed an online webinar programme on the safe use of quad bikes when undertaking jobs on the land.

It will take place on Tuesday next, June 25th, beginning at 8.00pm and will provide a comprehensive guide to the proper use of these vehicles in all contexts. It begins with an overview of the safety course, information on what farmers need to consider before booking a course, a summary of regulations introduced last November and the key points in operating these vehicles in safe manners.

A quad bike is very valuable part of the equipment available to a farmer but as mechanised devices that can move relatively quickly, they are capable of being dangerous if employed in inappropriate manners.

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