Department ‘acting without consultation’ on cap timelines

The Deputy President of the ICMSA, Denis Drennan, maintains that the Department of Agriculture is ploughing its own furrow with regard to timelines and payment dates on the Common Agricultural Policy schemes.

This is evident from the recent act of writing to famers setting out schedules of payment dates which have been arrived at with no consultation, still less any agreement.

“The Farmers Charter has played a hugely significant role over the last 25 years in terms of setting out farmers rights in relation to schemes, including payment dates, inspection rates and notice of inspections, amongst other issues,” he said.


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Retailers must provide immediate increases for potato growers - IFA

Speaking at a meeting of the National Potato Growers’ Association in Dublin last week, President of the IFA Tim Cullinan confirmed that the Association is fully supporting the demand for “an immediate price increase” in order to offset input costs that have risen sharply.

“All in the chain has to work to deliver a price increase, but there is a clear responsibility on the retailers - in particular - to return a sustainable margin to growers” he said. If returns do not improve, and do so now, growers will be forced to reconsider the viability of their enterprises and look at alternatives, he warned.

“The anger and frustration from the floor last night is a direct result of retailer dominance in the marketplace. This has been one of the main causes of the continuing contraction of our horticulture sector,” the IFA President said before referring to some of the pertinent statistics involved.


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