IFA submits pre-budget


Every year, the farming organisations in Ireland provide the Department of Finance with comprehensive sets of proposals for the assembly of the budget for the following year and into the future.

President of the IFA Tim Cullinan and the cathaoirleach of the Association’s Farm Business Committee Rose Mary McDonagh submitted the recommendations of their members at Leinster House last week.

“Budget 2023 gives this government the chance to demonstrate just how committed they really are to supporting the agri sector and how much they truly understand the on-farm challenges arising from the inputs price hike,” Tim Cullinan said.

The document advanced includes proposals aimed at mitigating the significant cost pressures being experienced by the agricultural sectors along with taxation measures, the targeting of support schemes and measures for young farmers including more suitable treatment to allow for intergenerational transfers.


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Fertiliser price threatens margin for tillage farmers

IFA Grain chairman Kieran McEvoy said winter barley, winter oats and winter rape are now all completed, bar small pockets in the north west of country.

“A warm, dry month of July ensured grain moistures were much lower than normal and straw has been easier to bale. After a mixed winter barley harvest, yields have improved for other crops. Winter oilseed rape is yielding 15% better than is perhaps typical. This is positive news given the 4,500 extra hectares planted last autumn,” he said.

The IFA Grain chairman said farmers are moving to the harvesting of spring crops this week.


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