Eleven Nominees

The Kerry Ladies footballers have received 11 All-Star nominations following a stellar 2022 campaign that saw the Kingdom contest a TG4 Munster Senior Final, while they were also crowned Lidl National League Division 2 champions as well as reaching the TG4 All-Ireland Ladies Senior Final where they were beaten by Meath in Croke Park.

There are nominations for goalkeeper Ciara Butler, defenders Eilís Lynch, Kayleigh Cronin, Aishling O’Connell, Emma Costello, midfielders Cáit Lynch and 2017 All-Star Lorraine Scanlon,and forwards captain Anna Galvin, Niamh Carmody, Síofra O’Shea and Louise Ní Mhuircheartaigh, the 2012 and 2013 All-Star, who was also top scorer in the 2022 TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship.

The 2022 TG4 Ladies senior football All-Star team will be announced at a gala banquet at The Bonnington Dublin Hotel on Saturday, November 19th.


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Viva Mexico! And its fervent Sports fans

The first thing you hear are the sirens. Then there is the chanting, and the shouting and the constant beat of marching. It is a little discombobulating to wake up in the middle of Mexico City to what sounds like a full-scale army invasion.

The sights suggest something closer to a coup; men and women for miles and miles dressed in camouflage, bulletproof vests and ghillie suits. There are sniper rifles and semi-automatic guns, there are guns on trucks and guns on planes and, before long, it is clear that today is one big celebration of Mexico’s military. We all know they love their guns in the United States, but they potentially love their guns even more when you travel south of the border. This is Mexican Independence weekend, and the nation’s capital is at a standstill to honour those that put their bodies on the line for their country. When this is all over, the party does not end. In fact, if you’re a sports fan, things will only get going when Independence Day is finished, because this is a bona fide bumper weekend of Mexican sport.

There are fewer ghillie suits on the streets when you step outside a day later. They have been replaced by yellow and blue patterns, and some brave-looking folk wearing red and white. A doorman on República de Uruguay with very few words of English manages to string one important phrase together: “Big game.” It is El Súper Clásico day, which means the city is playing host to the biggest fixture in Mexican football. Club América are the pride of Mexico City, the club with the most titles in the nation and they play their home matches at the iconic Azteca Stadium. Naturally, they command bigger crowds than anyone else in the league, and they embrace the fact that everyone hates them. Their success is a basic reason why people can’t stand América, but their detractors will tell you it is about more than that. It is about the money that they spend, and about where the money comes from. The club is owned by Televisa, a media conglomerate that is often accused of biased news reporting and allegations of misinformation. It is an association that many in Mexico cannot see past. There is also some distaste with how they spend their money and the types of players that they sign: Lots of non-Mexicans. The current Club América squad consists of players from Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia and Spain. This does not seem like much of an issue, unless you view things through the prism of their arch rivals.


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Kerry 17s and Bohs play out eventful 0-0 draw

The scoreline might suggest a dull, boring and defensive contest last Saturday but this certainly was not the case.

The strong breeze that blew directly down the pitch to the Tralee Dynamos end of the ground might have had an influence on Bohemians tactics as it was in their favour in the opening half but it was not as strong in the second half and both teams benefited from this.

There was a magnificent battle between Peter Grogan of Bohemians and Kerry FC’s Obina Izehi as both were in pivotal positions and neither yielded an inch throughout the entire contest with honours even at the conclusion of the game. In the fifth minute, Izehi, who was wearing the captain’s armband, body blocked an attempted shot by Grogan who was claiming he was fouled four minutes later. Referee Tom Sheehy was not impressed however and waved play on.


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