Fond memories of a much loved daughter of Tralee

Jo Hussey is a name many people who grew up in Tralee will remember –not only did Jo run a beautiful shop in Bridge Street next to Caball’s Toys but she was also one of the founding members of the Rose of Tralee Festival.

She passed away in 1990 at the age of 90 and was very proud to be a recipient of the Golden Rose as a recognition of her dedication and outstanding service to the Festival. 

Jo was a long-time member of the Rose of Tralee festival and was with the likes of Dan Nolan and Florence O’Connor.

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Surprise party to mark Joan’s 50th birthday

Not much gets past Joan Lowe –Joan is usually in the middle of arranging events but on Saturday night she was well and truly caught when she walked into Gally’s to find a huge crowd waiting to mark her 50th birthday.

Joan was really caught by surprise and never knew that arrangements were going on behind her back for weeks.

Her son Jack arrived home from Canada and her mom Nora Crossan and sister Anne and brother John arrived with their families from Nora’s hometown, Derry.

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